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Entry #2

It's only a flesh wound!

2008-10-20 17:38:26 by MegaMelmo

'Tis but a scratch!

It's only a flesh wound!


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2008-10-20 17:42:11

He just tripped, he's fine

MegaMelmo responds:

I dunno...he can still bite your legs off.


2008-10-20 17:51:08

one of my fav parts of the whole movie .. "i'll bite your ankles i will, come back here ye yellow belly" lol this movie is freak'n awsome

MegaMelmo responds:

You bet yourself it is!


2008-10-28 22:31:14

Call me the biggest loser ever, but what movie is this??? XD
I've heard this quote many many times but never really knew where it derived from.
It's awesome... XP

MegaMelmo responds:

It's ok bud, you're not a loser because you don't know this movie, you're a disgrace.....hah, just jokin'. It's Monty Python and The Holy Grail, an old British Comedy movie that they made a Broadway Play of.


2008-10-29 00:08:32

Thats my favorite movie and one question whats the air speed vilocity of a swallow

MegaMelmo responds:

Google it.... :3


2008-10-29 09:06:15

"You've got an arm off!"

MegaMelmo responds:

He can still bite your legs off!