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It was pretty good. Well animated, but you do an unreal Mexican (I think that's what you were going for) accent, no offense. I say that Pyro should never be revealed. I think he's a ghost or something.

To AkillysE3...

I also get really pissed when someone spams "Medic!" when you only need to once. I don't think it was really a blue sniper, I think it was red spy trying to get healed by the opposite team because a mask fell off when he died. Great movie!


That was unexpected. I liked the style of how you did it. I kinda wanted Dino Run to win, but whatever. ReNaeNae is awesome, she deserves that award. I had a feeling you would be advertising Castle Crashers in a way....

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Best. Random. Ever.

I loved it. If only they were robot ninja dinosaurs....sequel?

I love it!

At first when I knocked him out I was confused with the tapping thing. I love how you incorporated Castle Crashes into it. It was fun.

I love this game!

I couldn't stop until I got 8th in daily :P.

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I love it!

I come one to NG after a while, and check the audio portal. I search "surf rock". Then I find Man or Astro-Man? covers! HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT. Favorite band, and the cover is great. The drums are a bit too loud, but it's ok.


A few messy parts, but it still sounded amazing. The beginning was the best.

Iranarama responds:

Thank you!

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Unbelievable. Looks awesome. I love the saliva and its legs look very natural. However, the attachment of the wings to the back (first pic) looks a bit strange, although I'm not sure if you are able to make it blend in more.

The hair is creepy haha. Kickass job.

SmokeryDots responds:

Thank you very much:) Yeaah, the wings is bothering me as well... I should've made a better blend as you say. But now I know. It's the first real time I've tried to go this far with a 3d character.

Very nice, man! Great use of colors, and I too wish the world would bring back 80s death robots.

Reminds me

Of some female genitalia I left in the freezer too long.

(I really like the eye shading, by the way.)

I've been going to Newgrounds since I was 7. Oh how the internet has changed...

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